Artist Statement

The work that I produce examines the many differing aspects of organized religion and the individual; sexual repression and ties to religious belief, martyrdom, deep questioning of humanity’s involvement concerning devotion to holy beliefs, and a struggle to understand the importance and changes that effect religion over time.

I strive to understand  the origins and bindings that both religious and moral teachings leave with us all. I choose to explore inconsistencies with my own beliefs and the contradictions involved in many of the churches teachings. This is accomplished through minimal figure work, obstructed line drawing, and conceptual text work, all of which are integrated at times. I like to use materials in new and differing ways, exposing what’s lies behind paint, graphite, and even walls, to mirror social barriers. The materials many times are meant to break down and change over time, to mirror the belief that all ideas and understandings change repeatedly in our lives.

The work produces feelings of alienation, misunderstanding, inconsistency, confusion, and duplicity, all intertwining with issues of sexuality, guilt, and depravity of the blessed and the sanctified. These connections allow me to question my own train of thought and push for moral understanding.


2007                           Colorado State University
BA Printmaking and Sculpture

Minor Business Administration in Marketing

                                     Magna Cum Laude


Solo Exhibitions

2013                           Atlantic Works Gallery, barriers., Boston, MA

                                    Space 213, The Stations of the Cross, Boston, MA

2012                           Atlantic Works Gallery, The Inspection House, Boston, MA


Atlantic Works Gallery, control., Boston, MA


2008                           The Vault,  …and the desire to throw rocks, Fort Collins, CO


2007                           Jennifer McLaughlin, Works on Paper, Fort Collins, CO

2006                           Colorado State University, Listen, Fort Collins, CO


Jerry’s Artarama, Prints, Fort Collins, CO


2005                           Colorado State University, Recent Works, Fort Collins, CO


Group Exhibitions

2013                           Galatea Fine Art, Small(er) Works, Boston, MA


Thomas Moser, Small Works, Boston, MA


Avvocati 3833, ART Venice, Venezia, Italy


Atlantic Works Gallery, The Song Remains the Same, Boston, MA


2012                           Goosefish Press, No Red Dots, Boston, MA


119 Gallery, Space Mission, Lowell, MA


RAW Artists at The Estate, Radiate, Boston, MA


Spattered Columns Gallery, Windsor Whitney Biennial,

                                     Soho, New York


Atlantic Works Gallery, Rough Trade, Boston, MA


2007                           Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery 101,

                                     Fort Collins, CO


2006                           Curfman Gallery, Undergraduate Visual Art Exhibition, 

                                     Fort Collins, CO.


2005                           Starlight, Art Varmints II, Fort Collins, CO.



2007                           “A” Literary Journal-Arts and Literature Edition, Vol.10


2005-2007                 Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship, Colorado State